The Potholes Got Me to Thinking


On the way home from church yesterday, we swerved to miss pothole after pothole, washed-out road just to hit, yet again, another pothole. A flood of thoughts came racing through my mind. I couldn't help but think over the last 5 to 6 years the many dips and swerves I've encountered in life...

The hurdles, the hardships, the tears, the righteous anger, hours listening to wise counsel, the brokenness, the roadblocks, the silence, the lostness, the red flags, new boundaries, and new territories I would travel, physically and proverbially. Friendships lost, betrayal, fingers pointed, the judgment, the calculated hour upon hour of what seemed like endless nights of study. The fears and insecurities building up, doors closed, new chapters revealed...

Then eventually came.

The forgiveness, layers of insecurities, doubt, fear, bad attitude, & a self-righteous confidence peeled away like an onion. New friendships made and even some old ones restored. Sufficient grace, undeserved love, support from family and friends, a seed planted for missions. Weights being lifted, a renewed confidence building, new life chapters scripted.

Bam! Another pothole hit. My thoughts continued.

If my life were perfect, I would never long to meet my Maker. Not to say that we are not to care for, make right our wrongs, or count the blessings of the things we have. But rather to know there is something Greater than what we could ever fathom or imagine beyond this Earth and blessing to count up until then.

What about you? You may be going through a valley at this very moment and finding the blessings in it may be unbelievable, incomprehensible. But if anything, it gives you something to think about other than your current circumstance(s). You might be even angry with me for putting the thought in your mind. That's ok. You can't hurt my feelings when I speak of truth, I myself, have walked and lived out the hurt only to see the other side.

And if you are on the hilltop, be thankful you have made it through the valley. Give glory where glory is due. For we are only here for a short time. (James 4:14)

I still have much to learn. I am a work in progress, a beautiful mess. Life is not perfect. Only ONE walked a perfect life.

Still learning. Still growing.