Rise Up

It's during the oddest times when a flood of words come to mind that causes me to quickly grab a pen and jot them down before I lose them and they're gone forever. I know better than to let this happen again. However, instead of my handy journal, I grabbed a church bulletin next to my Bible.

I fail to remember what triggered the following passage. It'd been a few months ago. I do remember a rush of words forming together and none of it making sense at the time. After a few minutes my hand scribbling across the front cover stopped moving and I blinked. It was toward the end of Sunday School class. I placed the bulletin inside my Bible and made my way to big church. [Yes, I should have been more attentive in SS.😬]

Here I am a few months later, sharing them to you. I'm remembering them as the New Year approaches. I know I will need them, well, for Life. It is going to stretch me more than I know. I'm absolutely sure of it! I pray your year has been great and that the remainder of the year to be greater! And if you’re feeling knocked on your butt, it's time that you Rise Up...



Rise Up In Me Jesus

Rise Up In Me Jesus in my time of despair that my soul still seeks to be THANKFUL.

Rise Up In Me Jesus. Bring me back to you when I can't make sense in the mix of the muddle.

Rise Up In Me Jesus that I not weary nor worry what others think of my actions when it doesn't follow the "norm." Let me stay committed to You, your Word, and follow your Rules of Life that keep me grounded in your TRUTH.

Rise Up In Me Jesus to keep me silent when my fleshiness wants to blurt out. May my words speak to help and not harm.

Rise Up In Me today Jesus and help me to make right my wrongs. Yes, I know I will feel like a fool in the moment, so I ask you to cover me with your GRACE.

Rise Up In Me Jesus to be brave to stand up for what is just and right, not what is fair.

Rise Up In Me Jesus that I not place my self worth in others nor the things of this world.

Rise Up In Me Jesus that I fight for the underdog when others will not.

Rise Up In Me Jesus to know You long to know me & use me for your ways. May I put aside my selfish desires.

Rise Up In Me Jesus when I want to "fix it." Reveal to me when to take action and when to be still.

Rise Up In Me Jesus when things don't go my way. Change me.

Rise Up In Me Jesus when I look at a world I do not understand. Urge me to discern what is truth and cast my offerings as such.

Rise Up In Me Jesus that others see it is YOU that makes the room light up. That they fall in love as much as my heart has fallen for You.

Rise Up In Me Jesus that my feet stand firm against the enemy and my body a shield to his wicked schemes.

Rise Up In Me Jesus to fully Love and live in Truth.

For those that cross paths with me today, may I stand squarely; captivated by their words, my arms for comfort, and words to speak nothing but your Love.

Still learning. Still growing.