I live with my favorite people on planet Earth! Stan, the hubs, and our 3 shenanigans live out life on a prairie in Southeast Oklahoma (along with too many animals to count). We are on the edge of our tippy-toes expecting a phone call any day to foster a child.

After traveling to Guatemala in the Summer of 2014, something inside me CHANGED. I left with a stronger love for missions and Stan and I locked arms with our friends serving in Guatemala to form The Thrive Collective, a fair trade company empowering others and helping communities to "thrive."

Literacy is something that has taken up a big space in my heart. As a mom of a dyslexic child, I see the importance in helping students that struggle with reading learn how to navigate and "crack the code" of those black letters on white paper.

I dream of some day opening a literacy center in Guatemala, hopefully growing into other areas of Guatemala, and other countries. Currently, I teach reading for all grade levels at the Oklahoma School for the Blind where I learned Braille, and am a certified Vision Impaired instructor.

You just never know what will come next...